Define Multiple Words At Once!

We've created a dictionary definitions site that gives you an easy way to define a list of words, 1 to 100, all with one click of the "define" button. is a website designed for students of all ages. Elementary students who use the site to lookup the definitions of their weekly spelling words will have more time to study these words before their test. High School students will save hours getting the definitions for their homework as well as definitions of the words they need to study for their SAT / ACT tests.

No more looking up words one by one and copying and pasting them into MS Word. Just follow our easy steps below and get a page you can print that has the definitions of 1 to 100 words by just the click of the "Define" button.

No more cut and paste!

Saves time!

Step 1.   How many words do you need defined (1-100):    

Please allow approximately 2 seconds per word.

Step 2.    Click  >>>    


















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